Saturday, 6 January 2018

Download Lucky Patcher Original Apk - Latest Version

Posted by Solmmahn Rajzz
Download Lucky Patcher Original Apk:
Many of us love android devices rather than using costly apple devices. we feel uncomfortable while playing some wonderful games as these games block many levels and additional features to us by asking for app in purchases. Android games come with locked levels, tools, coins, characters and other resources where we cannot enjoy them completely until we make an app in purchase with the applications. Nothing is impossible, so you have another option to crack or patch these kind of apps which is known as Lucky Patcher. This app will help you in patching the app in purchase applications in your smartphones, so you can have complete access of any app or game without any distractions.

Android users love number of games and applications for their salient features. This would be the reason for many companies and app developers motive to launch new games and applications. But they want to cash the craze of the game or application by making some feature gets locked and can access only through app in purchases. In most of the games, you can unlock the characters or levels by collecting coins or gems if you have lot of patience. So you will be left with another option called app in purchase where you have to spend your hard earned money on many apps or games because your love them. Now Lucky Patcher Original APK will become boon every android user.

Features of Lucky Patcher Original APK

Lucky Patcher is a must have patcher app for all the android gamers. It will not only crack the android apps, it will also helps in blocking ads, removing system apps, tweaking applications, bypassing license verification and modify app permissions. since it requires root access you can perform lot of tasks without rooting your devices. In order to enjoy all features your have to root the device.

Now a days, many Android users looking to hack games, finally they feel the heat of hacking just because of the complex steps involved in hacking these games. Easily we had Lucky Patcher which is a free tool to help you to hack any game or to modify its permissions with few steps without the heat. You can root any game using Lucky Patcher including- Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Rail Rush, Highway Rider and much more. Lucky Patcher has been developed in a way that it can easily bypass the app in purchase screen to give you the access to the applications completely. Before downloading the application lets have a look at the features of this application.
  • Removes ads: when we play the games, we will feel uncomfort with disgusting ads, this app will help you in removing those ads to play the game with out any distraction.
  • Get unlimited Game resources: you can get unlimited gems, coins, money and you can play any level with the help of lucky patcher.
  • Access Paid apps: You access any paid apps on goolge play store for free as it has capability of bypassing payment screen so you can get access to the any kind of app.
  • Conversion of app: It can convert any application to system application.
  • Transfer of apps: It helps in moving apps to memory card or other external memory devices.
  • Backup: It helps in taking backup for the important applications.
  • App-in Purchase: It will help in app in purchase to give you access to all the applications.

Minimum Requirements to Install Lucky Patcher Apk:

  • It requires minimum 2 GB ram to function properly.
  • Device need to have atleast 10 GB internal storage.
  • It works on only android devices with Gingerbread version.
  • It would require android device to be rooted prior installing this tool.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Original APK:

  • First download Lucky Patcher APK by following the link (download here)
  • Once the download gets completed, locate the file in the folder.
  • After locating the APK file, tap on the file to get installed.
  • It will take couple of minutes to complete the installation process.
  • After installation, you can check the icon in your apps section to enjoy unlimited access to all kind of applications. Also Download Real Racing 3 MOD APK


This cracking tool works on almost all android devices starting from Android 2.3.3. The only requirement that this app demand is the root access. You need to root your device before installing the app so that it can function properly. However, you can also use this app in non-rooted devices. Some features of Lucky Patcher can also be enjoyed in the non-rooted devices. Overall, it is a must-have app for all those people who wish to enjoy uninterrupted gaming and access to premium apps.